Tuesday, October 29, 2013

About EMH

Welcome to the official blog of Ekklesia Mountain High!

We plan to use this blog to keep the outside world updated on what we are up to. We will post updates from our courses as well as what we are doing and learning in our day to day life. This is a blog for, by, and about the EMH community.

We are very excited to launch our blog and hope you will sign up to receive our posts via email. More posts soon to come!

If you are new to us, we would like you to know what EMH is all about.

"Ekklesia" means "assembly", or literally, "called out". Christians are those "called out" to be a witness for God's kingdom. EMH is about allowing students to experience education in a whole new way as they explore the idea of calling and community. EMH gives 11th grade students the opportunity to participate in a semester or a year of challenging academics, unforgettable outdoor adventures, andincredible spiritual growth as a part of a community set in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Learn about Christ's vision for community, leadership, and discipleship. Prepare for college, form lifelong friendships, and shape an eternal perspective as you participate in four 10-day courses in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Wyoming wilderness, a 20-day overseas mission adventure, and much, much more. Take your education outside: outside the traditional classroom, outside your comfort zone, outside the common experience. Think outside.

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